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Cover 3D polysatin 220x200
  • Cover 3D polysatin 220x200

Cover 3D polysatin 220x200

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

Sewing production of "SARM" wishes you to offer a new line of bedding.

Sinteponovy quilted cover from 3D polysatina

Rayon is a tissue of new generation which is made of synthetic fibers. This bedding has many advantages.

Synthetic winterizer – volume, light, elastic material. It is safe for the person and does not cause an allergy. 

1. Bedding from rayon practically does not shrink during washing, is not deformed and does not lose the initial visual qualities. Besides, rayon allows a body "to breathe" during sleep as it perfectly passes air, and also perfectly absorbs excess moisture.
2. Covers 3D of synthetic silk it is characterized by very beautiful gloss. Fabric very gentle to the touch. Such cover is very practical to use in hot summer days as it gives such desired cool.
3. Bedding from rayon can be dried safely under direct sunshine, without being afraid that paint will fade or will fade (that inevitably happens if in the sun to dry products from natural silk).
4. Rayon in use is practically not rumpled and therefore does not demand an ironing.
5. Care of bedding from rayon very simple is a delicate washing at temperature condition in 30 degrees, without extraction and without the subsequent ironing of a product.

Country of manufacture:Moldova
Information is up-to-date: 01.04.2024

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