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Technologies Sarm, SA

In everyday life there is an opinion that the hollofayber is a same synthetic winterizer! We hurry to please you is not a synthetic winterizer. The synthetic winterizer exists a separate product and has slightly different characteristics.

What is a hollofayber?

Hollofayber is a modern heater and a filler.

Structure: 100% polyester of hollow structure.

For today, it is nearly the most popular synthetic nonwoven fabric.

Behind a kind of materials it podelyatsya on: cloths, layers and balls.

Cloths, in turn, happen such types:

  • Software. Structure: 100% of hollow high-wavy polyester microfibre in the form of a spiral or a spring. Very soft and poddatlivoy nonwoven cloth. This look is used in production of the top layers something (clothes in and the nursery, furniture...). This type of a hollofayber is recommended to use in production of clothes for newborns as its hypoallergenic forms and low hygroscopicity create the most comfortable conditions for the child during a cold time.
  • Medium. Sostav:. The cloth is sensual to a microclimate of the person. Are used in the same way as well as "software". The only thing that distinguishes - density, each hair of a hollofayber inside - empty, that is has structure of a human hair. It is used also in production of a kidswear as it is absolutely safe for a body (envelopes, small pillows, overalls, kompleta and t.p).
  • Volyumetri. Very volume and at the same time easy filler. It is used in production of the top kidswear (overalls, jackets, a coat, koverta)
  • System. This look is used more in construction as structure of fibers more rigid and dense. It is developed and possesses those properties that are necessary at a pristroitelstvo.
  • Energy industry. The volume thermofastened cloth from 100% of synthetic fibers. It is used in production of overalls. The main properties is protection against static electricity and property not supporting distribution of a flame. These properties receive thanks to a certain method of roasting of fibers.

Layers podelyatsya on:

  • Hard. Sostav:. This rigid synthetic nonwoven cloth. It is used more in production of furniture, mattresses. Excellent sound-proof material. In production of children's production there is more p


technologies Sarm, SA Moldova, ALL.BIZ: Moldova