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Pillow children's orthopedic Sonya
  • Pillow children's orthopedic Sonya

Pillow children's orthopedic Sonya

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

The children's orthopedic pillow for a bed and a carriage of "Sonya" is made of cotton and filled vaytboly.

Sewing production of "SARM" offers YOU.
The children's orthopedic pillow for a bed and a carriage of "Sonya" is made of cotton fabrics and filled vaytboly.
The form of the orthopedic pillow of "Sonya" offered you for newborns under the head helps to arrange a neck and a backbone on one line. The arrangement on one line helps at essential unloading of cervical department of a backbone. In that case when the baby sleeps on an inconvenient pillow, it promotes bending of cervical vertebras. Provoking pinching of nerves and an overclamping of capillaries, the wrong pillow leads to violation of blood supply of a brain during sleep, and it, in turn, leads to defect in development of a brain in the newborn.
Fluffy, environmentally friendly fiber ball, hollofayber "Vaytbol-is repeatedly twisted hollow silikonizirovanny polyester which has unique properties. The most important property of a filler of Vaytbol consists in its gigiyenichnost, ability not to absorb smells and dust, and as a result lack of allergic reactions at contact. Special processing of fiber reliably protects products from bacteria and pukhoperyevy pincers, at the same time keeps the properties even after repeated washings. The bedding which is not causing an allergy – necessary attribute of the modern house.
Orthopedic properties. Especially valuable quality of a filler of Vaytbol is shown that products from it take the form of a body. The difficult technology of processing of fibers allows them to move independently from each other therefore the strong elastic structure will not be felted after prolonged use. During sleep the backbone remains in ideally equal situation that promotes improvement of brain blood circulation, to more equal breath during sleep, and it in turn prevents emergence of snore.
Cozy microclimate. Vaytbol fiber consists of a set of the twisted fibers leaving between them airspace that allows a filler "to breathe". Therefore bedding with a filler of Vaytbol will create a cozy microclimate in a bed.
Durability. Vaytbol fiber will not lose volume in use as cheaper synthetic fillers. The product with such filler easily returns an initial form, even after long deformation.
Resistance to washing. Hand wash or machine wash in hot water (as much as possible at 40 gr.) will easily return to your pillow or a blanket initial appearance.
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Country of manufacture:Moldova
Information is up-to-date: 15.09.2021

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