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Pillow for pregnant MOTHERS of "Maria Maxi
  • Pillow for pregnant MOTHERS of "Maria Maxi
  • Pillow for pregnant MOTHERS of "Maria Maxi

Pillow for pregnant MOTHERS of "Maria Maxi

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

Pillow for a dream of pregnant MOTHERS of "Maria Maxi"

Sewing production "SARM" wishes you to offer new model of a pillow.
Fluffy, environmentally friendly fiber ball, hollofayber of "Vaytbol" is the repeatedly twisted hollow silikonizirovanny polyester which possesses unique properties. The most important property of a filler of "Vaytbol" consists in its gigiyenichnost, ability not to absorb smells and dust, and as a result lack of allergic reactions at contact.
Pregnancy for the woman – the joyful period, happy expectation appearance of the kid on light! We do not want that these remarkable months were saddened by something, but the tummy grows, and with it also certain inconveniences grow! But all this trifles which it is possible and needs to be corrected.
Back pains and sleeplessness amplify in process of growth of a fruit. Each future mother knows how it is hard to find a suitable pose during a night dream that rest was comfortable, and there was no strong load of a backbone. It is impossible to sleep on a stomach, and on a back it is even dangerous – doctors warn that extra kilos press on a backbone and bodies, interfering with a normal blood - groove and a lymph flow, from it constant weakness and fatigue.
All ingenious – is simple! Before you the U - shaped pillow developed from qualitative fiber on the special anatomic curves allowing to record a pillow so that it supported the growing tummy and reduced loads of a backbone of young mother. Such pillow will be irreplaceable, starting with the first and finishing the last months of pregnancy. You will sigh quietly! Now any movement in a dream will be absolutely safe. A certain similarity of a nest – and to you it will not be necessary to shift at turn pillows here and there, worrying that they will not cope with a task and will move down sideways.
Moreover, after the birth of the kid the U - shaped pillow will be your faithful assistant in feeding. By means of such pillow it is possible to adopt any provision, the body will not flow, hold the child it will be possible somehow and some! When the child learns to sit, the pillow will insure him, to support a head and a back.
As practice shows, and it is difficult to drag adult members of household from such pillow. Feeling of a pacification and security, perhaps, one of the best, this feeling of the childhood, world and good! An U - shaped pillow – a useful and remarkable gift for future mothers and their kids!
Size: Length is 150 cm. Width is 25 cm + a cover.
The price 550 pour ~ $30
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Country of manufacture:Moldova
Information is up-to-date: 01.04.2024

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